Spring 2022

In our last issue, I highlighted the
difference between working with an
asset management firm like ours
versus an asset gathering approach.

Spring 2021

Today more than ever, investors have
many different options when it comes
to working with an investment professional.
Many don’t realize just how different
those choices really are.

Winter 2019

I’m often asked in social settings,
“What do you think about the
market?” or “Where is the market
headed?” Everyone has an opinion, yet
both answers in the short run are unknowable.

Summer 2016

After years of low interest rates, the
Federal Reserve and Chairperson Janet
Yellen find themselves in a difficult
situation. Is the current economy
strong enough to withstand a series
of rate hikes?

Fall 2015

The financial services industry has transformed
over the past few decades from advisors
who had the skill set to manage client assets
themselves to packaged-product salespeople.
This has often led to investors
paying layers of fees (many of
which) they’re unaware of…

Summer 2015

ZIRP is the acronym for Zero Interest-Rate
Policy. We’re presently almost 6 years into
a zero interest-rate environment as a result
of our government acting to prevent an
economic collapse after the 2008 financial
crisis and “stimulate” the economy…

Winter 2015

The 4% Rule is commonly recommended
throughout the financial-services industry.
It helps people determine how much they
should annually withdraw from their retirement
accounts and is generally designed to keep one’s
account functioning for a
30-year retirement…

Summer/Fall 2014

We are pleased to announce our new affiliation
with Highlander Capital Management, LLC and
Highlander Capital Group, Inc. My new location
will be in Short Hills, NJ, while Steve Caruso
will remain in Melbourne, FL…